Peter Dale Ltd.
Fine Antique Arms and Armour
Peter Dale Ltd.
We have supplied collectors, dealers and museums with fine
European arms and armour for over forty years.

Model of Guillaume de Bois, Marshal of Burgundy c. 1440

The collection is complimented by a series of fine contemporary model armours completely hand made to 1/6 th. scale.

One of a pair of lavish flintlock pistols made in London, c.1800 for presentation

Hilt of a  German sword rapier, c.1560

19th Century French Cannon/sundial.

19th Century French Cannon/sundial.
The hinged magnifying glass is adjusted
to focus the rays of the sun onto the
touch hole which fires the gun at noon.

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Full armour, Italian C.1580 Infantry half armour, German, c.1560

Complete 19th. century armour made in the French style of c. 1580

Pair of long flintlock pistols, c.1800 with gilt mounts and silver decoration to the stocks

German sword rapier, c.1560, the hilt with chiselled decoration.

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